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Real Estate Agent Julia Hicks

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Julia is a seasoned real estate marketing expert and licensed broker based in Asheville, North Carolina. With a successful track record for listing and selling properties in her initial year as a broker, she realized that her primary passion lies in the meticulous art of marketing properties and fostering collaborations within the brokerage community. Partnering with her accomplished wife, who serves as their primary photographer, Julia brings a sophisticated approach to accentuating the distinctive appeal of each property they take on. WNC Real Estate Photography, Julia’s thriving marketing business, elevates your real estate endeavors through expertly crafted visuals and a wealth of industry knowledge. Her team not only photographs your property, but works to bring it to life through photos, videos, aerials, and social media. Her detailed approach to marketing truly makes each property shine. 

Outside of work, Julia and her wife have a passion for travel, making it a point to explore a new city four times a year. As a dedicated foodie, she takes pleasure in savoring the local cuisine and often seeks out authentic joints where she can immerse herself in the local culture. Museums and vibrant art scenes also captivate her, adding an extra layer of enrichment to their adventures. Always on the lookout for hidden gems, they love blending in and experiencing a city like true locals.

Julia and her partner also have three adorable animals which are a constant source of joy in their lives. They cherish quiet evenings at home with them, working on puzzles, and creating delicious meals together. Julia is fortunate to be married to a fantastic cook, and they often try to recreate the culinary delights that they have encountered during their travels. It’s these simple moments that make life truly special.



Julia Hicks

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