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Anna Denko

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Anna packed her bags and transferred to Brevard College in early 2017 and she has not looked back since. Originally from North Ridgeville, Ohio, Anna has felt the call of the mountains after her very first visit to Brevard in 2016. With a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, living in the mountains definitely has its perks.

Anna has managed a kayaking company in Raleigh and has worked as a logistics coordinator for a wilderness therapy program before moving into the wine industry at Biltmore Estate. You could say that Anna has seen and done it all. She was a part of an 18-day sea kayaking expedition of the Savannah River from source to sea, as well as a backpacking, rock climbing, and expedition canoeing trip that started at Mount Mitchell State Park and ended when she and her team of fellow classmates stepped back onto Brevard College campus 21 days later.

People ask Anna all the time how she “found little, old Brevard” from Ohio and her answer is simple; Brevard found her. Anna has always thought of moving somewhere new to continue her education but she was never quite sure where to start. That is until she found herself white water rafting in Tennessee. As soon as the raft guide mentioned that he went to Brevard College and started talking about their outdoor program, she knew she had to know more, and well, the rest is history.

Anna’s love for all things outdoors made her decision easy to move to this small mountain town, with the idea of planting her own roots here. Anna currently lives in Brevard with her boyfriend, Nick. You can find those two fly fishing on the East Fork, paddleboarding down the French Broad River, or exploring the local shops and restaurants in town.



Anna Denko

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