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Real Estate Agent Corey Jones

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Corey Jones, an adventurous spirit hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, embodies the essence of Southern charm. Growing up amidst the tranquility of the seaside town, Corey’s affinity for the outdoors blossomed, with kayaking in the intracoastal waterway and exploring southeastern seaside habitats.

While attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Corey’s thirst for adventure led her to the Universitat de Valencia in Spain, where she delved into International Business Studies and Spanish culture.

Upon graduating, Corey settled in Asheville in 2012, immersing herself in the textile and apparel industry where she worked as the Director of Operations for a local textile and apparel manufacturer for nearly a decade. Her community connection, experience in systems integration, project management, and process improvement translate into a smooth transaction for her buyer and seller clients alike.

Driven by her innate curiosity and a desire to empower first time homebuyers, Corey was determined to demystify the real estate process and was armed with a belief that knowledge is power, so she obtained her real estate license in order to broker the purchase of her first home as her first transaction. Her mission as an agent is to ensure that none of her clients, especially first-timers, experience the same obstacles she faced.

Today, Corey resides between Morganton, North Carolina, and Wilmington, NC surrounded by the natural beauty she holds dear. Whether she’s navigating the intricacies of the real estate market,  gardening, restoring her mid century farmhouse, or exploring a new town or trail, Corey approaches each endeavor with passion and dedication.

In her professional capacity, Corey decided to dig deeper into real estate and began working on her Certified Residential Appraisers License as an appraiser trainee in 2022. With  experience in real estate brokerage and valuation coupled with a deep understanding of Western and Southeastern NC market areas, she leaves no stone or shell unturned.  Corey’s got your real estate needs covered from the NC mountains to the sea.

For Corey, real estate isn’t merely about making sales; it’s about fostering the trust, empowerment, and satisfaction of her clients. Guided by the belief that every question deserves an answer, she provides prompt, professional, and courteous service. Her mantra echoes the wisdom of the old guidance counselor inspirational posters that said: “The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked.” In both her personal and professional endeavors, Corey Jones epitomizes resilience, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence—a testament to her unwavering commitment to her community and the clients she serves.



Corey Jones

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