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Real Estate Agent David Schnitzer

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David Schnitzer epitomizes the spirit of community engagement and entrepreneurialism in WNC. With a rich background spanning various industries and a deep-rooted love for the region, David has become an integral part of the fabric of Hendersonville and its surrounding communities.

As a seasoned camp director with over two decades of experience at Camp Kanuga and Camp Glisson, David has honed his leadership skills and cultivated a passion for outdoor adventure and youth development. His dedication to nurturing young minds led him and his wife, Colleen, to establish Created For Adventure, a faith-based youth travel company. Through this venture, they guide youth on transformative journeys to destinations like Hawaii, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest, instilling values of exploration, community, and personal growth.

David and Colleen are also prominent figures in the local business scene. They own and operate the Appalachian Coffee Company and Trailside Brewing Co., both strategically located on the Ecusta Trail— a testament to their commitment to fostering vibrant community spaces and promoting outdoor recreation. With a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Georgia and a Master’s in Christian Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary, he brings a unique blend of ecological awareness and spiritual insight to his endeavors.

David’s expertise extends beyond business and outdoor adventure. He is a seasoned real estate developer with experience in multi-lot residential projects and custom home construction. His strategic planning acumen, coupled with his profound knowledge of the local community, makes him an invaluable resource for newcomers and longtime residents alike.

Beyond his professional pursuits, David is deeply invested in his family life. Together with Colleen, they are passionate about supporting their three sons— Wyatt, Adam, and Peter— in their interests in aviation, soccer, mountain biking, and theater.

David strives to embody the spirit of innovation, community engagement, and lifelong learning. His contributions to Hendersonville and WNC are evident both in his business ventures and in his commitment to leading the youth, exploring the outdoors, and caring for his family.



David Schnitzer

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