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Real Estate Agent Gina Burnett

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Having spent most of her life visiting and living in the mountains of western North Carolina, Gina is deeply rooted in Henderson, Polk, and Transylvania counties. She has fully immersed herself in the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage and the distinct and colorful Appalachian culture. After more than thirty years as a dedicated elementary teacher and school librarian in Henderson and Polk counties, Gina is happy to be part of the integrity, experience, and professionalism of Looking Glass Realty and eager to assist you with each step of selling or buying your home in a concise and committed manner. She brings her experience and passion for connecting with others to every single client. She is dedicated to making buying and selling homes and property a pleasant, trustworthy, and thorough process. She places great value on attention to detail, follow-through, and a strong work ethic. Infusing her interactions with genuine warmth, Gina fosters enduring connections with each client and is excited to share her love of the Appalachian region.

Gina indulges in the charming ritual of sending postcards to herself during her travels, relishing the nostalgic delight of snail mail. For her, it’s not merely a practical means of communication but a delightful tradition that transforms into a personalized travel journal. She thinks it is especially nice to live in a place where she gets to experience the beauty of frosty winter mornings, lovely spring flowers, hot lazy days of summer, and cool, crisp fall evenings. She is quite fond of libraries, especially Little Free Libraries, and the important role they play in communities making books easily accessible to everyone. Gina is an avid squirrel watcher. She knows how to prepare a delectable pan of biscuits that she serves with her homemade blackberry jam to family and friends. She lives in Saluda with her husband, Kevin, their son, Ridge, and their much loved, slightly irregular, always ready for a walk, canine good companion, Chewy.



Gina Burnett

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