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Real Estate Agent Jenna Clifford

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Meet Jenna, a realtor with a passion for riding the waves of real estate, originally hailing from the iconic surf haven of Huntington Beach, CA. Having brought the laid-back vibes and sun-kissed spirit of California’s surf and skate culture to the mountains of Western North Carolina eight years ago, Jenna seamlessly blends the free-spirited lifestyle of a surfer girl with the dynamic world of real estate.


In 2023, Jenna answered the call to real estate, drawing on a rich background in retail planning, management, and merchandising, coupled with an 8-year tenure in the dynamic field of medical aesthetics. This seasoned professional brings the best of both worlds to the table — knowledge, confidence, and a keen eye for aesthetics.


Beyond the business world, Jenna is an avid photographer, leveraging her expertise to capture the unique essence of each home. Her marketing and social media prowess are integral in crafting compelling narratives that elevate properties, ensuring they stand out in the crowded real estate market. From visually striking listings to engaging social media campaigns, she employs a strategic approach that maximizes exposure and captivates potential buyers.


Owning property in Costa Rica and frequently returning to her surfing roots in Huntington Beach, CA, Jenna’s love for diverse landscapes enriches her understanding of what makes a place truly feel like home.


You’ll find her exploring serene lakes and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains in her free time with her partner Austin and their daughter Riley. A firm believer in the power of consistency and reliability, both in her personal and professional life, Jenna approaches real estate with an open heart and a commitment to transparent communication.


“Feel free to reach out – no question is too small, and your comfort is paramount. Let’s embark on this real estate journey together.” – Jenna Clifford, Looking Glass Realty



Jenna Clifford

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