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Historic village in the Mountains of WNC

Historic Flat Rock, NC

The Village of Flat Rock is a historic residential community that offers countless picturesque landscapes and vistas along flowing backroads. Flat Rock was incorporated in 1995 and has continued to provide both quality residential homes and open spaces, all the while staying closely rooted in the area’s culture and history.

The Flat Rock community is a cozy mountain village located just south of Hendersonville, N.C. with abundant access to nature and a “downtown” central hub home to some of the best food and entertainment options in the region.

In the 1700's, Flat Rock was known as "Little Charleston of the Mountains". Its prime location made it a central meeting place to trade commodities between the coastal South Carolina merchants and the Cherokee Indians. As the trading post grew, Flat Rock began attracting wealthy coastal aristocrats who hoped to escape the low country summer heat of the Charleston area. Hence, it became a popular mountain getaway! Today’s Flat Rock lives up to its reputation as a place where rest, relaxation, and easy living are never hard to find.

Homes in this area range from pastoral farmhouses and mountaintop oases to established neighborhoods close to the action of the central village. Just three miles from downtown Hendersonville, Flat Rock is a great option for homebuyers looking for more seclusion without an added commute time. Flat Rock Village Bakery, the Flat Rock Bistro Cinema, Campfire Grill, and Hubba Hubba Smoke House are some of the region’s best eateries located in the heart of the village. After you’ve gotten a bite to eat, other popular stops include the Flat Rock Playhouse, where countless productions are performed and perfected each year, and the Carl Sandburg Home, complete with tours of the late poet’s home and his goat farm. These two cultural hubs are beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Community Amenities

Flat Rock Playhouse: State Theatre of NC
Carl Sandburg Home NHS

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The Village of Flat Rock Price Range: $165,000 - $3,000,000+

The Village of Flat Rock Size: 8.228 mi²

The Village of Flat Rock City: Flat Rock, NC

The Village of Flat Rock Dues: Property taxes apply

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