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farm market feature
Farmers Markets in Brevard
I'm not talking about tomatoes that were grown in California and shipped in or green beans that have been transplanted from Ohio. I'm talking about vegetables ...
house marketing feature
Why is marketing so important?
So we met them at their property and immediately fell in love with the entire package. It was an attractive, well-maintained home in a great (actually ...
home inspection feature
How to prepare for your home inspection
The buyer pays for the home inspection and it is the inspector's job is to discover all the flaws and faults of a home (real or ...
things to do brevard feature
Things to do around Brevard
Whether you're looking for trails for horseback riding, a heart-pounding climb to the ridge top, or just a nice walk in the woods among the native ...
animal rescue blog feature3
Animal Rescue
In today’s difficult economy there has also been a rise in the number of family pets who are surrendered to shelters by their owners because of ...